Studios in Frangokastello

At this majestic location we built our studios! In a property of 9000 square meters we have built 10 first class studios with special care.

Our studios are fully furnished and air-conditioned with TV, telephone, Internet access and a safe box. Each has a fully equipped kitchenette with a fridge and a bathroom with shower and hot water 24 hours a day.

You can start your day off by enjoying your breakfast (we suggest the famous Sfakiani pie) and taking your coffee at the bar next to the pool. There you can continue your day by taking a swim or you can choose to enjoy the beach which is only 90 metres away.

Upon returning from your excursion or the beach in the afternoon, you can sit at the bar until late evening to enjoy a drink and the heavenly scents of a Cretan night!
Each studio has its own balcony from which the sunset over the Libyan sea can be enjoyed.

Kallicrates Village Frangokastello

The largest, most beautiful, historic island of Greece!

We are located at Fragokastello, 11 km east of Chora Sfakion in the County of Chania at the southern coast of Crete.

At an idyllic location, surrounded by the Libyan Sea and the foot of the White Mountains, we have created a complex of luxury studios for rent.

History of the Area

At a 2 Km distance from Kallicrates Village you will find Fragokastello.
A Venetian castle-fortress after which the area was named.It was built in 1371 to protect the coast from pirate attacks. It remains in good condition until today. At the main entrance you can see Venetian symbols and the sculptured lion of St. Marcus.

According to local myth, a strange natural phenomenon, the “DROSOULITES”, occurs yearly an the day of a battle between the Greeks and the Turks (1828) at which the Greek leader and 350 of his fighters were killed.
The “DROSOULITES” appear late in Spring for about 10 minutes, just before sunrise. They are perceived as shadows of armed fighters on horseback and on foot who make their way to the Fragokastello. Many believe that these shadows are simply a mirage; but no satisfactory scientific explanation has been found for the “DROSOULITES”!

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