Welcome to Crete! The largest, most beautiful, historic island of Greece!
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There are a lot of beautiful beaches in Frangkokastello! If you do not want to swim precisely under the Kallicrates Village, you can either go to the eminent Orthi Ammoytsa, a beach with incredible beauty, or you can swim under the shade of the castles! A lot of gorges exist (as that of Kallikratis) which are ideal for walking and mountaining! There is also a port situated in the district enabling you to dock your boat/vessel.

At a distance of 13 km from the Frangkokastello village is the Chora Sfakion. A graphical coastal village, which is the starting point for various destinations in the area. From there you can travel by ferryboat or marine taxi to go down to the most southern part of Europe, the Island of Gavdos!

With the little boat rides you can stop off at Ag. Roumeli, found at the exit of the Samaria's gorge. This eminent gorge that is characterized as a national park has a length of 18 km and you need approximately 6 hours to cross it!

Not even 5 km from the Frangkokastello village there is an exit to another gorge. It is the Imbros gorge, which takes approximately 2 hours to walk across it.

Little more north you will meet the plateau of Askyfoy.It is found at an altitude of 730m and it is said that in the prehistoric age it was lake!
There is also a hunting farm situated in the area.

At the more eastern part of Frangkokastello, towards Rethimno, after an amazing walk through the traditional little villages, you will find the Plakias. A beautiful place with a lively nightlife. There is also a diving centre at Plakias for the underwater lovers!

A little more to the north you will meet the gorge of Kotsyfou.
The point in which will impress you the most is the point where the road meets with the gorge!
Two diagonal rocks are raised above the street like an arch making a magical path!

Finally, we cannot omit, even if it is a bit far, a visit to the archaeological site of Faistos (near Tympaki village in the Heraklion prefecture ) and Knossos (5 km of south-west of the city of Heraklion).


If you are an "extreme" person or if you are just interested in enjoying the countryside through intense outdoor activities, you may choose one of the options offered by Activities on Crete.

For further information you may contact them
on line www.activitiesoncrete.gr
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In Chora Sfakion you can also find the Notos Mare diving center.

For further information you may contact them
on line www.notosmare.com
or at the telephone number +30.28250 91333



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